The Tax Coach



Tax Planning

Proper tax planning is like preventative care for your wealth.   Most Dental Professionals pay tens waste tens of thousands of dollars paying too much in taxes. We treat that problem.

Implement & Monitor that Plan

Comprehensive Tax Plan

Our Approach 

Tax Preparation

Filing your tax return should not be any more complicated than a routine cleaning.  We file hundreds of returns each year at competitive rates, on-time, and without the drama of most tax firms..

Our approach is simple.  We develop a comprehensive, proactive, tax plan for your business and person.  We take the time to understand your unique situation and create a plan that is aligned to your goals and your business.  Then we implement and monitor that plan.

Business Adviser

Your financial health and family wealth are inter-connected.  We understand that.  As your trusted adviser we're prepared to help you manage this and achieve your goals in life.

Typical Activities of Your Tax Coach

  • Tax planning and preparation 
  • Implement & Monitor your Tax Plan
  • Manage tax compliance activities
  • Develop an Investment Strategy 
  • Address Business Plan Objectives
  • Coordinate with other Advisors (e.g. legal, investment)
  • Conduct period business reviews
  • Counsel on Work-Life Issues
  • Strategic Advisor